Why us?

Easy Searching: CruxStudy makes the whole process of locating tutors quick and easy. Join CruxStudy and find your ideal tutor today.

Free Registration: Browse many of registered tutors and students completely free of charge.

Flexibility: Our service can be accessed 24/7, whenever suits you.

Accessibility: Our site is secure, functional and easy to navigate. We have a professional development team focused on delivering the highest quality user experience.

Feedback: Collectively our tutors have thousands of client reviews.

How we different from others?

Browse and select your tutor yourself - there is no middle man.

Contact your chosen tutors directly through our private forums to discuss your needs: no payment necessary.

We don't perform DBS checks ourselves: this means you must ask to double-check any references/DBSs your tutor claims.

Differ from tuition agencies: Most tuition agencies will select your tutor for you, based on who they think would be suitable. CruxStudy doesn’t work this way: we believe the parent or the student themselves to be the best judge. They will know better than an agency assessor who is the right tutor for them. Most agencies work by commission, taking a cut of the tutor's earnings. This has the effect of driving up the tutor's hourly rate considerably, as the tutor will seek to recoup their lost funds. This effectively passes the cost onto the student; and with ongoing lessons, the increasing amount can be quite significant. We do not take any commission from them.